Joint venture between Thales, NAV Portugal and IdD Portugal Defence

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EDISOFT has earned a solid reputation in the information technology industry. Today, it is one of the most promising Portuguese software companies in the military and civilian fields. 

Responsible for offering its clientele the development of flexible solutions for software engineering and development, system integration and technology consultancy.

Aware of today's information technology demands, EDISOFT in fact exhibits in-depth understanding and know-how of military specifications, needs, activities and quality standards, having delivered a number of technologically advanced solutions for C4I systems to customers around the world.

Likewise, EDISOFT's professionals are true experts on the continuously evolving market of civilian software applications, providing valuable consultancy services that highlight a global perspective support and advice on business strategy and the development and implementation of robust and reliable engineering solutions.


Our History


From 1987 to the Present


To answer the necessity of an embedded systems software company in Portugal, in 1987 a Portuguese engineering team was selected to be part of the development of the SEWACO system (Sensors and Weapons Allocation and Command) for the Vasco da Gama-class frigates.


On May 23rd 1988, EDISOFT was formally established as a Combat System Software Maintenance company. From the beginning, EDISOFT contributed to the Portuguese Navy's modernisation, providing operational and logistic support.


Likewise, it took a stance in international value chains, allowing the integral development of combat systems in Portugal that were later sold on the world market. The modernisation of the Portuguese Air Traffic Control System was a landmark on a civilian field. In 1994, EDISOFT moved in to the Space Technology Domain, participating in the establishment of the Western European Union's Satellite Centre.


In 2013, THALES reinforced its shareholding position in EDISOFT to 65%, partnering with the Portuguese MoD holding company - EMPORDEF, Empresa Portuguesa de Defesa (SGPS) with a 17,5% and the Portuguese Air Navigation Operator, Navegação Aérea de Portugal, NAV Portugal, E.P.E., with a 17,5%.


Today, EDISOFT has a regular presence in the two largest programmes under the European Space Agency’s auspices: EGNOS and GALILEO. Additionally EDISOFT has begun to develop collective security strategic systems, dedicated to the civil protection field, with projects like the Decision-Making Support System for the National Crisis Management System and PROCIV-Net, the European network.


Be the leading Portuguese reference on the development and integration of critical systems for Aerospace and Defence, internationally recognized for its Maritime Security activities.


Delivery of innovative solutions focused on the security of our customers’ critical systems, such on land, sea, air, space and cyberspace, through a technical team of excellence, assuring that the main Portuguese Aeronautics, Space, Security and Defense entities access the most advanced technologies during conflict and peaceful.

Our team

Innovation / R&D:

The role of the R&D team at EDISOFT is to extend the influence of Thales within the scientific and technical communities, offering a platform for innovation and knowledge sharing, and attracting talented science graduates to build on our acquired expertise.


EDISOFT needs to obtain increasingly sophisticated technologies in order to design and develop critical information systems. By building partnerships with the industrial and scientific communities, and creating a platform for innovation and creative development, we aim to attract talented science and engineering graduates, and to enhance the synergies among industrial groups, innovation-driven companies and training and research institutions. EDISOFT has a team of around 60 PhD and Master Graduates, working on the development of new and exciting technologies.

In the world


Social Responsibility

In EDISOFT, we aim to reduce our consumption of natural resources to the minimum. We limit the environmental impact of our activities from the first design phases, taking into account all the options to reduce the footprint caused by the deployment our products. Furthermore we have taken concrete steps to achieve this goal at our facilities, including resources optimization and regular campaigns for employee education.


EDISOFT’S Quality Management System (QMS):

  • Has been certified to ISO 9001 standard since 2000;
  • Has been certified to AQAP 2110 standard since 2017;
  • Governs the production and delivery of our Products and Services;
  • Consolidates best practices from several international standards such as DoD-STD-2167A, MIL-STD-498, ISO 12207, DO-178C, ESA ECSS standards.

EDISOFT’s Quality Policy is available here.